Take the yap from your dog

Social dogs of all breeds and sizes

During this Spring and Summer, I have witnessed varying degrees of human ability to care for their dogs in public. If your dog is anti-social (e.g. barking at other dogs) then you need sort is asap with professional advice.

Dogs don’t yap aggressively in nature unless they know they have a chance to win the territory and the fight situation they are creating.

It is not fair to other dog owners and carers when they come across an aggressive yappy dog in a public space. The yappy dog is asking for the wrong attention from other dogs, especially if the other dog is much larger. If your dog is attacked from this type of anti-social behaviour it is not any body’s fault except the dog owner of the aggressive yappy dog.

Dogs must be dogs first and foremost. They should be socialised with other dogs big and small, of all breeds. By enabling this, they gain respect of each other. If owners find this uncomfortable, then professional assistance would be best for their dog’s welfare and their piece of mind.

The only bad dog is a dog that has had a owner or past owner lacking dog skills. If you have a dog with anti-social behaviour then I encourage you to do the right thing and contact a dog behaviourist

Making a dog happy and well behaved is an awesome feeling for owners, but takes time and consistency but can always be done.


There are many ways to stop your dog barking/yapping at other dogs. It takes the discipline of the owner to consistently challenge their dog.

The way I correct this behaviour on most dogs is to: (a) make them sit when they start barking, tell them a stern “NO” (b) If needed, put myself in the eyesight in front of the offending dog still using “NO” sternly. (c) depending on the dog sometimes I’ll use two fingers to tap it on the shoulder (to better gain their attention) when chastising them for their anti-social behaviour.

Only allow them out of the sit position when the other dog has passed and they have stopped barking. Before allowing them from the sit position, give them praise with a pat and/or treat. 

Correcting a dog sometimes takes well over a hundred or more times of consistency. It must be done every time without fail. 

Never wear headphones when you walk your dog

Always have your phone switched to “Airplane Mode” when you walk your dog.

It’s fine to humanise your dog in private, depending on the dog. However, they must learn and appreciate there is a definite line when they step outside your front door. Your dog must learn that they stand on their own four feet and be a friendly sociable dog. They must know that they will be responsible for their own actions towards other dogs.

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