No dog is born anti-social

Humans are the only source to make a dog anti social – TRUE.

If your dog doesn’t like other dogs or humans you have a problem. A problem that arguably any owner is responsible to correct. I’ve heard many excuses by owners but they are all nonsense. Excuses ranging from my dog doesn’t like black dogs, big dogs, square faced dogs etc etc…. I’m not alone where I say I can make any dog social again.

It’s true, there are many reasons why dogs are not social but 95% can be made social again within six months with huge differences noticed. It is especially pleasing when I see in an owners eyes the change in their dog and the emotion that follows. Dogs off all shapes, sizes and breeds should be able to play with each other in total safety.

Give me a call anytime to fix your dog for the better and give them the social life they deserve.

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