Headphones & Flight mode

Your dog needs 100% of your attention away from their home

Dog lovers, I know you all are!

I’ve been wanting to post for a long time about general observations I’ve made over several years. I really hope no one takes a deep offence but I mean for this post to be in a positive “wake-up” call for people who walk their dogs with headphones on and/or using their smartphone.

 I have no doubt that everyone loves their dog, but I ask for people to think about how their dog feels when they are not 100% engaged with their owner or carer.

Many people with dogs I see are not considering their dog’s(s) needs.

When walking your dog you must consider their needs first and foremost. Secondary, owners/carers must also be reasonable to be aware of other third parties including but not exclusive to owners, careers, dogs or any other animal.

Whether your dog is on the lead or not, they need to know that you are being engaged positively with them. Walking your dog should never be seen as a chore so please give dogs the attention they deserve.

Always switch your phone to Flight-mode and never listen to music by wearing headphones. By not switching your phone to Flight-mode, if your dog gets into trouble they will have no-one else to blame besides themselves and/or their owner/carer.

Well balanced dogs give unconditional love to their owners, carers and any friends introduced. If all humans give the same respect to dogs when in their care outside their home that would be one appreciative dog.

If anyone has any thoughts or questions, I’m available to help.

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