An exhausting, but great six months…

K9-7 Dreamliner


I can’t believe it has been six months of trading for Brighton Dog Adventures. It’s quite stressful at times but I really enjoy helping busy clients have their dog companions exercised and socialised on the South Downs. I love to hear the stories of the improvements that my clients have seen in their dog(s) behaviour. I’m so lucky to have their company and think of all the dogs as my little four legged nieces and nephews. I know how important they are to their owners and my huge responsibility for their well being when in my care.

Currently (in no particular order) I dedicate my care to Dexter, Rocky, Rothko, Rexie, Maurice, Whoopi, Lola, Harlee, Bennyboy and little Poppy. My own dog Roo is becoming used to having all her “cousins” in our life. She’s very understanding the more I think about it. ┬áRecently many of my clients have said their dogs have bumped into each other independently of me and had a little bit of a chin wag. That is really awesome, Brighton is a small place when you think about it.

I take the dog business very seriously. I’ve fitted out my van to the most highest standard so that dogs are always comfortable. I’m very proud of the “K9-7 Dreamliner” concept and looking forward to hopefully offering a franchise very soon to help other dog lovers to have a career in what I am doing. In my previous careers I’ve been a perfectionist who remembers at the same time that one never stops learning. ┬áI hope to have eventually five or more K9-7 Dreamliner vans operating from Sussex. Remember that Brighton Dog Adventures is owned and operated by the Hero360 Trust which is a charity that specialises in offering mindfulness experiences on the South Downs. The more vans we have in operation means the more money we have to invest in our “Grab Clarity” programmes. If you know of anyone that might be interested in this then give me a shout.





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