Conditions of Service

1.1 Dogs should be sociable to join our group adventures
1.2 In extreme weather conditions we may alter our schedule without notice for dog(s) comfort.
1.3 Prices can change, we will always try to give at least one month’s notice:
1.4 If your dog is not neutered/spayed in no way can we be held responsible if your dog(s) impregnates or is impregnated by other dogs
1.5 If you’d like to offer some feedback please call Brian immediately. If it is still not resolved after seven (7) days , call Brian again and officially email him:

2.1 Dogs must have up to date vaccinations and it is recommended that dogs are vaccinated against kennel cough and have regular worming and flea treatment. It is essential that any health issues or allergies need to be disclosed at anytime potential problems become apparent.

3.1 BDA has public liability insurance which covers your dog(s) actions against third parties. However, our service cannot be held liable for any loss, injury, illness or death of your dog(s). It is highly recommended that owners have their own full insurance cover.

4.1 Our casual website prices apply for BN1, BN2, BN3, BN41 postcodes only. Surcharges may apply to other postcodes.
4.2 Overnight Adventures do not include food.

5.1 Special prices apply for postcodes: BN1 1, BN1 2, BN1 3, BN1 4, BN1 5, BN1 6, BN1 7, BN2 0, BN2 1, BN2 3, BN2 4, BN2 5, BN2 9 BN3 1, BN3 2, BN3 3 only.
5.2 For 50% discount each dog must be on a minimum three (3) walks per week.
5.3 For 25% discount each dog must be on a minimum two (2) walks per week.
5.4 Payments to be received by internet banking at least 48 hours prior to 1st scheduled pick up.

6.1 House keys will be stored securely. Paperwork relating to your dog and address is kept separate and also securely away from keys.
6.2 No client personal details will be forwarded or passed on to any third party.

7.1 The owner is responsible for any veterinary bills incurred and details of your vet must be supplied on the initial visit. In an emergency we will make every attempt to contact the owner and utilise the services of your own vet but reserve the right to make decisions without verbal consent to ensure the immediate welfare of your dog. This may include taking the dog to the nearest veterinary practice and not necessarily your own veterinarian. Owners will be responsible for payment of any veterinary fees.

8.1 Dogs will be transported safely and comfortably in our fully crated K9-7 Dreamliner vented Van. A reminder that dogs are not insured in our care including transportation. Please arrange your own insurance to cover this.
8.2 People are not insured when travelling in our vehicle.


9.1 Monday to Friday: Day Adventures Only. Cancellations must be notified at least 1 week prior to the agreed booking otherwise that session is not creditable. However, if there is a physical injury and the vet advises that they are lame, then a cancellation fee of two (2) adventures will apply until your dog is well enough again to join us.

9.2 Weekends: Day Adventures Only. Cancellations must be notified at least 10 days prior to the agreed booking otherwise that session is not refundable or creditable.

9.3 Sleepover Services. Cancellations are four (4) weeks prior to start are 100% refundable. Cancellations 28days to 15days prior to start date are 50% refundable. Cancellations within 14days are 100 non-refundable.

9.4 Refunds or Credits are not transferable to any other person or dog.

9.5 If we can’t provide any service as scheduled within 7 days prior to that commitment, we’ll give you a double value credit to use into the future.


After the initial probation period we’ll give clients at least four (4) weeks notice in advance if we can no longer supply services on a continual basis. Likewise if need to cancel our services for any reason if they could give the same four (4) weeks or more notice in advance.

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