About Us

K9-7 Dreamliner

My name is Brian and Brighton Dog Adventures is operated from my home in Bakers Bottom, which is on the border of Kemp Town and Queens Park. Brighton Dog Adventures is owned and operated by the Hero360 Trust which is a charity that I have founded to assist the community with mindfulness. In particular we offer experiences for interested individuals from autism spectrum to the homeless.

How to contact us:

Address: 40 Bute Street, Brighton. BN2 0EH

Phone: 01273 626622

Email: mydog@brightondogadventures.co.uk

Kindly consider we’re out with the dogs during the day.  

Our enquiry/contact hours are:

Monday to Friday: 4.00pm to 8.00pm


If you have any thoughts or complaints about our operation, we are always wanting to improve ourselves in a transparent manner. We accept complaints in writing only by a signed letter and return address where we can contact you.

Please address your complaint to:

Hero360 Trust T/A Brighton Dog Adventures

40 Bute Street, Brighton. BN2 0EH

We’ll contact you within fourteen (14) days of receiving your feedback.


Social Media:

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