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All Good Things Take Time

Always said by a person when they are talking about someone else’s time – not theirs. And what a load of crap when it comes to Mental Health, Addiction and recreational use for that matter. We are in a crisis in the United Kingdom from my experience and no-one has a clue. The deep pain […]

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Headphones & Flight mode

Your dog needs 100% of your attention away from their home Dog lovers, I know you all are! I’ve been wanting to post for a long time about general observations I’ve made over several years. I really hope no one┬átakes a deep offence but I mean for this post to be in a positive “wake-up” […]

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Let your dog be a dog.

Best friends, Harlee & Mabel People that follow our dogs on Instagram will know Harlee and Mabel, pictured above. This moment was at the start of this summer. Harlee and Mabel are best friends and love play fighting together. I remember the moment well, it was the most gentle play fight I’ve ever witnessed. I […]

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A Career in Dog Walking?

The common reference is “dog walking” but we like to think think at Brighton Dog Adventures we are “Dog Adventurers”. We always take dogs to the South Downs on a day adventure where we encourage social interaction between dogs of all breeds, sizes and backgrounds. The more social a dog is, the more the owner […]

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