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Take the yap from your dog

Social dogs of all breeds and sizes During this Spring and Summer, I have witnessed varying degrees of human ability to care for their dogs in public. If your dog is anti-social (e.g. barking at other dogs) then you need sort is asap with professional advice. Dogs don’t yap aggressively in nature unless they know […]

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Alabama Rot confirmed in Sussex

  Two cases of the deadly disease in dogs, have been confirmed in Sussex, according to a veterinary specialist. Dogs walked in Petworth and Brighton were among the ten new UK cases confirmed by Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists. Sadly we have confirmed 10 new cases of Alabama Rot in Sacriston, Guiseley, Bury, Bolton, Leek, Petworth, […]

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No dog is born anti-social

Humans are the only source to make a dog anti social – TRUE. If your dog doesn’t like other dogs or humans you have a problem. A problem that arguably any owner is responsible to correct. I’ve heard many excuses by owners but they are all nonsense. Excuses ranging from my dog doesn’t like black […]

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