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Take the yap from your dog

Social dogs of all breeds and sizes During this Spring and Summer, I have witnessed varying degrees of human ability to care for their dogs in public. If your dog is anti-social (e.g. barking at other dogs) then you need sort is asap with professional advice. Dogs don’t yap aggressively in nature unless they know […]

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I have a very good excuse

I am so sorry I missed April’s post. I’ve been working really hard on making my charity the “Hero360 Trust” a reality. It’s such an exciting time for me and I’ve have alot more to say about the trust within the next few months. For a sneak preview I have started the charity website but […]

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Finally we arrived in Calais with 370 blankets kindly donated by Qantas, United Airlines and British Airways. My friend Silvia has made a valiant effort in arranging donations also from travel industry friends worldwide. Today we volunteered in the Care4Calais warehouse. I started the day sorting waterproof boots into sizes for easy distribution to those in need. I […]

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What is a not-for-profit ???

If you’re going for a dictionary definition, then here is the answer: Nonprofit organisation: In economic terms, a nonprofit organisation uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organisation’s shareholders (or equivalents) as profit or dividends. We agree with this definition and go further […]

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it all starts here with our community

We all learn many things in life. For me is started with a hard working class background, divorced parents back in the 70’s. Despite always being the underdog, my mother always re-enforced some great basics through her love. Basics such as don’t be greedy, be kind and grateful. She also reminded be constantly, it doesn’t […]

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