All Good Things Take Time

Always said by a person when they are talking about someone else’s time – not theirs. And what a load of crap when it comes to Mental Health, Addiction and recreational use for that matter. We are in a crisis in the United Kingdom from my experience and no-one has a clue.

The deep pain of perpetual heartbreak knowing you were always right but shouted down by authorities (including NHS) saying I was imagining things. Even worse, “brushing away” the real trauma when I went for help and placing me on medication I didn’t need.

Friends scatter for whatever reason despite your pain. These were friends I’d once trust my life with. Can you imagine what that does to person over time? However, I was always taught to live your truth and be honest. If that means living with no real friends as I do now, then so be it – I’ll be healthier.

I overcame huge disadvantages growing up just to be stripped back down to the gutter to and left at home to drown in my autism-spectrum, this time without my mother or anyone for that matter helping. Just a random anonymous note to show this diagnosed autism-spectrum person a little love and direction would have been all I needed to rebalance myself.

Thankfully, the crisis is over for me but continues for many other gay/bi/non-binary men/peoples. The enforced CSP’s (Community Safety Partnerships) I have endured are inhumane and left me more vulnerable for bigoted community and organisations.

Beyond repair as my mother died with a huge question mark over my integrity. Money is Money. But, my integrity stolen by some authority that didn’t have the decency to engage with me directly many years ago but pursued to destroy my life by stealth. Let’s just say a large part of it was that my digital life was hijacked, including my travel company which eventually went bust due to these interventions.

All 4 authorities remain silent to my continued requests to each for full disclosure regarding community-policing and even illegal vigilante actions I’ve been forced to endure. It has been (and still is happening) against the European Human Rights Act. I have been discriminated and excluded from my family and community for being HIV+, LGBTIQ+, Single and Middle Aged.

It’s impossible to explain the unnecessary mental torture, trauma, financial loss and addiction at one point. And they call this “Community-Policing”, I call it “Community-Exclusion” or “Suicide” for some.

One aspect of the enforced “partnerships” was my life slowly infiltrated over many years digitally by “Gay Conversion Therapy”… Then, worse, recently, “face-to-face” interventions by booking a room at my AIRBNB. I’ve had to suspend that business for my safety concerns within my own house. People harassing me when I’m trying to do my work, neighbours and workmen in own street by some neighbours calling me names.

And for why I’d like to know? I have NEVER been cautioned or arrested by the police. Is this really the United Kindgom?

Over many years I have been made to feel humiliated, ashamed, bullied, discriminated, neglected and abused by bureaucracy, their “Community Safety Partnerships” 2007 Criminal Law Act. As if I didn’t have enough of all of this as a child, teenager and throughout my life just for being “different”.

I have no next of Kin in the United Kingdom and the authorities (in law) can do as they see fit, even if it means not telling me.

However, it is also my human right (in law) to not be discriminated upon and live my life freely and without hindrance as an LGBTIQ+ person. It is also my human right not to be abused by anyone, including authorities.

I have been exploited by the authorities by having no next of Kin in the United Kingdom and also for not being transparent with a person diagnosed with autism-spectrum when I was younger.

Any donation is appreciated to show your integrity to human rights, equality, and more inclusive, transparent policing and communities.

For more information about my experience and also how I’m going to help others once I deal with my past and obtain the full disclosures from the authorities:

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