Alabama Rot confirmed in Sussex


Alabama Rot

Two cases of the deadly disease in dogs, have been confirmed in Sussex, according to a veterinary specialist. Dogs walked in Petworth and Brighton were among the ten new UK cases confirmed by Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists. Sadly we have confirmed 10 new cases of Alabama Rot in Sacriston, Guiseley, Bury, Bolton, Leek, Petworth, Brighton, West Coker, Bishop’s Tawton and Presteigne.

Quick Facts:

  1. Alabama rot causes skin lesions and can cause fatal kidney disease
  2. The cause of Alabama rot is unknown, but most dogs that need treatment have been walked in muddy, woodland areas
  3. If you notice symptoms of Alabama rot, such as lesions, sores or ulcers on your dog’s legs, paws or face, contact your vet immediately

How can I stop my dog getting Alabama rot?
As the source of Alabama rot is unknown, there is no way of making sure you stay away from the cause – but there are things you can do to prevent your dog from being affected.
Checking your dog’s body once a day for lumps and bumps is a good habit for all dog owners to get in to, and checking them regularly for the signs listed above will help lower the risk of your dog dying from Alabama rot.

What Brighton Dog Adventures has implemented:
We are keeping a close eye on any further outbreaks. As a precaution, we are suspending adventures into woodland areas where the disease is said to be most likely to be the point of infection. At Brighton Dog Adventures we are taking these few cases very seriously and this is why we have implemented a schedule change away from woodlands. We don’t expect to have to take any other measures but naturally, we are keeping close eye on any new cases during 2018. If any clients have any questions or concerns please contact Brian immediately for clarifications.

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