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You’ll find we are best value dog walking business in Brighton. We are also a non-profit business so you can be assured that we have our communities interest at heart. In particular we are helping mindfulness within our community in conjunction with various local charities.

Before you can signup your dog(s) we need to come to your house and meet your K9(s). This is sensible practice we’re sure you’ll agree their needs to be a process so that your are comfortable about. We’d like to ensure you of our abilities and most of all that your much loved dog(s) are good with us too.

We have a great value “one-off” signup £25 package that includes:

  • House visit at a time that will suit yourself as well as working in with our schedule.

And then choose either:

  1. Two introductory group adventures on the downs
  2. A private walk on the downs with yourself (maximum 2 passengers) and your dog
  3. Or… A private assessment session (normally for dogs with behavioural issues)

The one off price including the home visit is £25

Our Casual Rates:

Rates include pick up and drop off in our K9-7 Dreamliner Transport:

 1 – 1.5 hour South Downs Adventure6090  £26.00
 2 hour South Downs Adventure120 £32.00
 Weekends & Public Holidays 3 hours Adventure180  £46.00

Save up to 50% on the above rates by becoming a regular client

Sleepover Rates:

Rates include pick up and drop off in our K9-7 Dreamliner and maximum adventures:

 Weekend Adventure (Friday to Monday)  £200
 Week-night home sleepovers (1 night) Not Available Casual


See our complete Conditions or Service

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