Brighton Dog Adventures

We’re absolutely crazy about dogs and their well-being. After all, they are unarguably mankind’s best animal friend. Treated right they give any person and/or family unconditional love and many smiles and laughs on a daily basis. They are also at their best when well exercised and allowed to interact and play with other well behaved, healthy doggie friends. Brighton Dog Adventures is owned and operated by the charity “Hero360 Trust” and profits are spent within the local community to help with mindfulness through combining dogs and the great outdoors.

We want to be real for a minute. If your dog is not social it needs some behavioural adjustment and help. All dogs should be social and express their natural behaviour with other dogs. If not every dog then at least every other day. This is a RSPCA requirement. We’re here to help you make your dog(s) and their life the happiest and healthiest it can possibly be. Our high service is second to none and our prices probably one of the cheapest for regular clients. We are proudly a not-for-profit business.

Hero360 Trust and Brighton Dog Adventures founder is Brian Penfold. Brian has lived in London and the Southeast since 1998. Originally from Australia, a natural with domesticated animals, he personally takes dogs on the downs most days. Brian’s career background is catering, hospitality and tourism. He has practised the highest standards of customer care throughout his professional life which he also applies to BDA (Brighton Dog Adventures) and the Hero360 Trust.

More than a company, we are a non-profit company setting the standard in creating and supporting community projects in Sussex. Brian states “I am now doing something that truly I love, working with dogs and giving back to my awesome local community”.

Brian appreciates how hard it is to entrust your dog to a complete stranger and having been there he fully understand the difficulty people go through which is why he is doing what he does. Brian wants your beloved K9 companion to have the same experience he would expect for his own dogs.

Our Pledge to you & your dog(s):

  • High standards of punctual and reliable service
  • A better experience for your dog(s) with maximum contentment.
  • We have hoses and towels to return your dog with clean legs, belly and paws.
  • The best value for your money.

We are a non-profit business that directly giveback to the local communities through our “Hero360” local charity. We use profits to fund programs for adults who’d like to grab opportunities to practice mindfulness and clarity on the South Downs and beyond. The Hero360 Trust offers mindfulness assistance for adults from autism spectrum to the homeless as well as other excellent local community projects.

We are proud to say that we are currently we are registering the business to be a charity. We hope to grow the business as a community enterprise giving real long lasting support to the mindfulness, homelessness and the underprivileged.  A beacon of hope with real actions straight to the community, giving opportunities. Helping people to rebuild their lives faster, better with dignity and transparency.


Q. How long does a one hour adventure on the downs last?

A. A single adventure is scheduled to last for a minimum of  1.0 to 2.5 hours between the hours of 9am to 4pm


Q. Can I request a morning or afternoon pick-up.

A. Normally pick ups are between 9am – 11am. Depending on your location. Give us a call to discuss your needs for an afternoon pick up.


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